Politics as a Feeling

Personally, I think the rise of Trump has been something easily predicted by the way we vote for people based on looks and personality. But voting for people based solely on party affiliation is not helpful to our country, ourselves or the ideals we claim to fight for. In fact, I would say that any voting machine rigged to allow people to vote a straight party ticket is rigged against democracy, against free thought, and against common sense. Why do politicians get elected who are straight-out crooks, liars, or hypocrites? It is not because they became corrupted after being elected, but because they weren’t evaluated critically, thoughtfully, and thoroughly. It is because people like a certain candidate for President or Congress or local office, and they vote for every candidate who is running on that same party ticket. If we don’t know much or anything at all about a candidate, we should never vote for them. Let some of them win with a handful of votes from close freinds and political party hacks. I’d be willing to bet that the ones who win with 1% or less of the votes cast will be unwilling to invade other countries or try outright theft and deceit, because they can’t count on enough support to claim any kind of mandate, or wiggle out of peronal responsibility.

The Politics of Writing

A 2003 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found something that, believe it or not, surprised nobody. The conclusion of the study found that “People vote with their party, not their personal beliefs.” As YaleNews later reported:

People vote on an issue based on the facts and their ideology, or personal beliefs, but they disregard both the facts and their personal beliefs when they are aware of their political party’s position

The premise of the study is that given a situation involving the issue of welfare, people artificially voted from their beliefs. But when informed of their party’s beliefs beforehand they often switched their own opinion to fall in line with the party. Again this is not very surprising. A simple talk with a stranger reveals how little people truly care about core issues, or when they do take an interest to them how little information…

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