New Governor, Same Old Bullshit

Here’s an excerpt from New Mexico*:

(Italics represent my grammatical and spelling corrections)

Gov. Martinez fires all the members of the Environmental Improvement Board

By Rob Nikolewski on January 4, 2011

On her second business day in office, Gov. Susana Martinez – who forcefully opposed the decisions by the state’s Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) instituting a cap-and-trade program — fired all seven members of the board Tuesday (Jan. 4). The governor’s office announced that the EIB members received an e-mail Tuesday that will be followed by this letter:

Dear (Member): Thank you for your service to the State of New Mexico by serving on the Environmental Improvement Board. This letter is to inform you that I am removing you as a member of the Environmental Improvement Board. Your removal is effective immediately. Again, thank you for your service to our state.

Best regards,

Susana Martinez


The EIB made headlines when, on this past Nov. 2 — Election Day — it voted to have New Mexico take part in a regional cap-and-trade program, even though Martinez and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Diane Denish opposed it, along with many members of both parties in the state legislature. One month later, the EIB approved a state-wide cap on emissions to act as a backstop should Martinez try to roll back or remove the provisions the board approved. (You can read and see more about the November meeting here and the December EIB meeting here.) Environmental groups hailed the decisions but business and energy industry officials insist cap-and-trade measures will inhibit growth and place the state’s energy sector — the largest contributor to the state’s coffers through severance taxes — at an economic disadvantage.

On Tuesday evening, Gov. Martinez released this statement: “New Mexico has recently suffered from an anti-business environment exacerbated by policies which discourage economic development and result in businesses setting up shop across state lines. Unfortunately, the majority of EIB members have made it clear that they are more interested in advancing political ideology than implementing common-sense policies that balance economic growth with responsible stewardship in New Mexico. As a result, I have notified members of the board that, effective immediately, their services are no longer needed. Should any members of the board wish to reapply for appointment, I will consider their qualifications on a case-by-case basis.”

This, from a woman who, on her official State website**, promises: “…we have a lot of work to do together to create a brighter future for New Mexico’s children and families.”

Now, I put the question to her: Isn’t she more interested in advancing her own political ideology than in common-sense policies that balance economic growth with responsible stewardship?

Another ideological politician, totally oblivious of her own prejudices. What utter hypocrisy!  Brighter future my ass!


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