End these god-damned, insane occupations NOW!

I have three family members currently serving in the military, and one who just got out. One of those, my nephew Zack, returned from Iraq, and although he still supports the war, he found that he has difficulty readjusting to civilian life.  He has medications he must take to control his emotional state.  While he does not directly attribute his condition to serving in Africa and Iraq, he did tell me that it is very difficult for most of our soldiers to accept the fact, the fact mind you, that they must kill innocent people while they are there, just to stay alive.  How would any of us react to a situation in which we saw bystanders, sometimes children, killed, or had to shoot them ourselves in order to return fire, or maybe, just in case?  Most of us would have a difficult time keeping our sanity.  We must bring our troops home now, not just to allow the Iraqis the freedom to sort things out, but to give some of the bravest and the brightest of our young people a chance at a normal life, a life where they are not haunted by visions of slaughter and random murder, a life where they are not horribly maimed physically and emotionally, just to save face for our criminal government leaders.
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

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