Explain this, you Republican demogogues and apologists!

Every time someone points out how well things were under Clinton, the brain dead among us have this mantra they like to repeat endlessly: if takes awhile for a President’s policies to have an effect; Clinton benefited from the policies of GHWB. Then, when the disaster that is our economy now is pointed out, it is not GWB’s fault; it is Clinton’s! So how come, after Clinton’s first four years in office, jobs continued to increase, jobcreation.jpg

unemployment.jpg unemployment continued to go down,

and, deficit.jpg the deficit changed to a surplus?

Sure, Congress had a hand in it, but Clinton and Congress worked jointly on problems to fix them then. No, now, year after year, day after day, things get worse. When are these polices suposed to kick in? In 2100? The facts, courtesy of our own governement, show that these have all been lies. (see house.gov for example)

This Congress certainly shares the blame with Bush, but they have all done nothing more than conspire to implement a radical agenda to transform the United States into a vision of a Conservative utopia, and they failed miserably. Their ideas sucked, big time. Aren’t these the same people who told us that imposition of ideas from the top down, against the will of the people, was wrong? These idiots in the Bush administration, and their Congressional lackeys have ruined this country’s economy, our standing in the world, our balance of trade, and put us into debt for the next hundred years, with economic control given to foreign governments who have loaned us the money. These are the acts of traitors to this country, men and women who have sold us out for a vision that they had no idea how to implement, except to bankrupt the government in hopes of eliminating all those crazy social programs. At the same time, they illegally invaded two countries, caused the deaths of thousands of US soldiers and many tens of thousands of people in the countries we currently occupy, and practiced torture, against all treaties the US had signed, and all honorable past military practice. They have practiced corruption on a grand scale, spending the US even further into debt, while their friends and family members benefit from fat, no-bid contracts and oil deals. These were not men and women of vision, but assholes who should be impeached, tried and jailed, for treason, corruption, and murder. It is only fair. Hang them all, I say. Hang them by their toes and skin them alive.


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