Insight, sort of

paranoia.jpg You know, the first step in overcoming paranoia is realizing that “they” are not out to get you, at least to my understanding. When you see someone behind you for awhile, is it reasonable to assume they are following you? or is that paranoia? Self-preservation demands that we be vigilant. Sometimes people do follow us. Sometimes they want our wallet or purse. Sure. Be aware of our surroundings; be aware of where we are, what we see, who we see. Self-preservation. Useful. Sometimes people are only going the same way too.
Conspiracy theories. Useful? or not? I don’t think they are useful. There are no vast government conspiracies, no world bank conspiracies, no religious conspiracies, no capitalist or socialist or communist conspiracies, and no plan by a single person or group to control us or the world. Understanding that is key to self-preservation. If we think there is a conspiracy, we might lash out at a religion, an economic theory, a single government, a single country, even a single person, and think we’re right. We might target multiple things. Useless. paranoia-2.jpg And, we are easily manipulated in such a state.

We might think we can wipe out a government, or at least uncover its machinations, expose it to the world, but that is the error of such thinking: it misdirects us. Vigilance is always key. Awareness of what’s going on around us, where we are, who we are. There are no enemies to defeat, no conspiracies to uncover. We control, we direct, we lead, we follow. We will get what we deserve. We can have whatever we want, anyway we want it. There is no other, no saviour, no enemy. At the root of paranoia is oneself. At the root of all of the problems we have, and sometimes only think we have, is ourselves. We can solve every problem that needs solving, and recognise that some things are not even problems.

But first, we have to discard the idea that “they” are out to get us. “They” is us. We are “them”. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we simply open our awareness of all that is around us, who we are, what we are, and perhaps, how we are, the easier we will find our world to be. There are cultures on the Earth that have sayings, teachings, proverbs, holy scripts, whatever, that say: “All things come to he who waits,” or something close to that. Why is that? Perhaps it is because the waiter observes, is vigilant, is aware of all around him. Being aware means you can be at the right place at the right time, for example. It is the philosophy of the inside trader. Be there when the stock splits, the company grows, or be there just before the company folds. Inside traders are driven by greed, however, not self preservation. They actually wish to take advantage of their awareness of unfolding events in order to have an advantage over other people, for the sole propose of enriching themselves monetarily. That’s just greed.

We can, however, take that as a sort of philosophy. Be aware of things that are happening, things unfolding, things unraveling in the world. Be aware of who we are, who we are becoming. How do we think? What is it we think about? Why? What do we want? Why?

We might just survive, if we can couple our basic human curiosity with awareness, not fear, not judgment, not power over others. Who are we all? Why do we want? What is happening? Where? Why? Are there patterns? Are there vortexes of activity or inactivity? Where? Why? How?

What is being created? What is being destroyed? What is simply changing? What is growing? What is dying? Why? Where? How?

Somehow, I think we can survive if we do not feel fear. If we feel wonder at our understandings, if we feel wonder at all that occurs, and try to understand it all, even one thing at a time, I think we will like the world that results. Conspiracy be damned. It is us, always was and will be.

paranoiacvision.jpg awareness.jpg


4 responses to “Insight, sort of

  1. Inner demons are the only thing stopping each of us being great.

    Though excessive doubt we become paralysed, and don’t even act.

    Mind you, there is a They out there, just that you are too small fry for them to care about

    Be well.

    • Thanks, wanderer. Just today I met an old friend who believes that all things are possible when we firmly believe it to be so, and by focusing on what we want, we do get it. By always thinking of the bad, we only get that. She believes we must think of the things we actually want in our lives, and it will happen. Perhaps. Also, I am getting rid of my inner demons, bit by bit.

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