Hillary Committed?

During the 2000 and 2004 Presidential campaigns, Democrats expressed outrage that no one was allowed to attent rallies or other events given by the Bush campaign unless they signed a pledge to vote for Bush. I too felt this was wrong. If a candidate comes to town, everyone should be allowed in. Not doing so seemed very undemocratic, and made it seem that crowds everywhere supported Bush, without question or opposition.

However, as wrong as that seems, I was similarly taken aback when I was handed this, in order to attend a rally where Bill Clinton was the headline speaker in support of Hillary:


We were handed these and told to fill them out so that we could get into our own gym at the University where I work. We were told that it was our entry ticket. Now, I fail to see the difference between this and the pledges people had to make to attend Bush rallies and speeches. Of course, there is nothing preventing someone from signing and not being a supporter, but it feels very dishonest to do so. Does this mean that both parties are simply amoral? that all their rhetoric is simply partisan politics? Seems like it to me.


2 responses to “Hillary Committed?

  1. I don’t know; the people handing them out indicated that they had to filled out in order to get in. I don’t think that included the checking the boxes, but certainly many people would do so if they thought that was the only way to get in.

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