Letter from Governor Richardson to supporters 1/22/08

bill-richardson1.gif “These last couple of weeks have been blessedly peaceful.

After living inside the tornado of a presidential campaign for 11 months, it has been so good to get back to New Mexico and the business of running this wonderful state I call home.

I’ve had a lot of calls from the media asking me which of the remaining Democratic candidates I’m going to endorse. And I thought you should be the first to hear my answer.

I’m not endorsing any of them — at least not for now.

But I am endorsing the issues and priorities that were first raised by my campaign and which are now an accepted part of the discussion.

Watching the candidates debate in South Carolina last night, I couldn’t help but be struck by how much their positions have come around to the positions that you and I hold dear.

It is now clear that ending this war and bringing our troops home will be a priority for any Democratic President. As will energy independence and universal health care — issues we led the way on here in New Mexico.

And now all of them are talking about improving education and providing scholarships for public service.

It was like I was still in the debate!

So while we may not have been successful in electing me the Democratic candidate for President, we were very successful in influencing the Democratic platform in important ways.

I’m proud of that accomplishment. And you should be, too.


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