Home Again; I’m finally home!

What a trip this was! Finally got back into Albuquerque at 4 am this morning. It’s one hell of a drive from Northeast Iowa, and I probably won’t do that again. We left Waterloo, Iowa about 6:30 am yesterday.

I added my personal view of the the Iowa caucuses to my Jan. 3 entry below, along with my analysis of the results.

Photos are from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. (http://www.wcfcourier.com):


Notice the piles of sandwiches in the 4th photo. All three of the biggest vote-getters provided food for all of the caucus locations. Richardson’s campaign did not have that kind of money. Money talks.

Here’s a card I was given by the staff at Richardson headquarters in Waterloo:


It was a privilege to work with such hardworking and dedicated people. They kept me busy too. Thanks to Katherine, Taylor, Justin, Mansoor, Maggie, Kyrstan, and Taft for enriching my experience!


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