Busy Roadrunners

Dec. 30, 2007

roadrunners.jpg Our van died yesterday, and the rental place drove another up from Kansas City. Unfortunately, the rental place sent us a minivan, uplander.jpg but we’d never be able to take 6 people and their luggage, so they sent another full-sized one up, and we stayed up ’till 11pm waiting for it. Had the van back today when we hit the road. 12pass.jpg

It’s Sunday, so we didn’t go into the office until 12. Headed out for Cedar Falls again, and continued canvassing. We were prepared for the cold today. Felt much warmer today at 28 F without the wind. talked to many more people, mostly some who wouldn’t say who they would vote for, and Edwards and Obama people. We find Richardson people and they are incredibly enthusiastic about him. A week ago, 40% of voters here were still undecided, so we’re all very optimistic. A couple today spoke of their admiration for Richardson’s platform, and his integrity, and spend a lot of time talking with us. Like a few others today and yesterday, they are going into these caucuses to support Richardson and try to sway others to look at his record and platform.

We went back to headquarters for pizza, and then drove an hour and 20 minutes to West Union to the office there, to deliver door hangers – they needed them right away, so we dropped ’em off, and stayed a bit to add stickers with the caucus site on about 150 of ’em. Then we drove back. I am so tired.

We have lots more work to do. Tomorrow we’re due back in the headquarters by 9:45. I don’t know how long we will work, as there will be a party with Governor Richardson in Des Moines – another long drive – tomorrow night. Happy New Year!


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