It does snow in Iowa

Got some sleep last night, so we’re ready to stump for Richardson today. No phone calls in the morning, so we’re going out on the street today. IT’S SNOWING. We’re not used to driving on snow in Albuquerque, but I’m getting into it. Packed snow on the side streets last night, but it’s coming down steadily now. I’m going to put on my heavy coat and the boots I brought. Good thing I oiled ’em up for this. You’ve got to be really dedicated or nutty to do this, but here we are, and we’re ready. More later. pict0202.jpg

pict0199.jpg Before we go out today, I’m labeling and stuffing information packets for all the caucuses. Some people are phone banking, typing in addresses, and shoveling snow! It’s still snowing, and we need to get out of this office to go door to door! We ordered lunch in. A local NBC TV station came by and interviewed Don, a volunteer from Santa Fe. People are curious why so many of us are here. We’re here because we know this guy, we believe in him, and he is really qualified to do the job. It’s about time we had a statesman President. pict0203.jpg pict0200.jpg

We slogged through snow in Waterloo today. Talked to people in one precinct who were undecided or hadn’t been contacted yet. Met a lot of Edwards and a few Obama supporters. People are incredibly friendly and willing to talk. Many people have Richardson as their 2nd choice. The caucus system here depends a lot on the viability of candidates, something that can change during the caucusing. People can actually help their favorite candidate by voting for another candidate at certain points in the process. I’m still learning how it all works, but people sometimes end up voting for their 2nd choice, so it’s important for us to know. Met some people, accidentally, who are supporting Richardson, and that was nice – we told them we’d driven out from New Mexico. That surprised a lot of people. After campaign work was over, we dropped Chuck off at his hotel, and went for dinner at Diamond Dave’s in Cedar Falls. Me, Ester, and Don are staying with the Zeitzes in Cedar Falls. Very nice people. Their son works for the Richardson campaign elsewhere in Iowa.

It never seems to stop snowing around here, but the streets are much clearer now that they were yesterday or this morning. Driving is still interesting. pict0211.jpg


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