We made it to Iowa!

We hit the road at 10:30am with 10 vans full of people, water, snacks, notes on Iowa caucuses, and everything else we might need on the road or in Iowa. It was a cold morning, but we were well bundled for a cold, possibly snowy 8 days in Iowa. The trip was well planned, with printed directions, planned stops, and lists of phone numbers. We all agreed to try to stay in sight of at least one other van, but that didn’t happen. I started out driving #5 van for Waterloo. We hit snowpack on the road by Clines Corners. We passed a few cars that had spun off the road, and one overturned semi. We didn’t see another van for a long time. I drove to Oklahoma City and Chuck took over then. We drove through the night, on to Kansas City, and then on to Des Moines. We hit some fog and there was ice on the road in the other lane, but we were going to get to Des Moines by morning. I tried to nap, but never got any real sleep. I finished up the last 70 miles or so. We became part of about 375 New Mexicans in Iowa for these caucuses! roasting.jpg

Pretty cool!

We picked up two people there in Des Moines and headed off immediately for Waterloo, another two hours away!

After a great lunch at Pepper’s we went back to headquarters and got a thorough briefing in Iowa politics. It was getting hard to focus. At one point I was taking notes, fell into a dream about taking notes, and nodded off, jerking my head up quick! We finally decided that 26 hours of driving was just a bit too much. I’m still having trouble focusing after a nap. People are squared away in home-stays or hotels, and we’ve a lot of work to do tomorrow – phone calls, canvassing, entering data.

Saw a few Ron Paul signs along the way, and some Huckabee signs too. Iowa is an interesting state! We told a waitress along the way who we were, and why we going to Iowa, but she had never heard of Richardson, so we have a lot of work to do. We all want this war to be over soon. We want our troops home, and we want then all home now, not in five or ten years! Now, damn it. Richardson is the one Democrat saying that, so we must support him. He’s a good man. We fight the good fight here. 070319richardson1.jpg

More later; my brain is reeling, and my head is heavy.


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