IOWA! Statesmanship! Leadership. Courage.

Wierd. I never thought about going to Iowa, although I once hitchhiked/walked across Ohio with a guy from there. I’ve signed on to the Richardson for President campaign. richardson.jpg He’s a Democrat, but I’ve decided not to hold it against him for now. The thing that impressed me the most about him was that he not only called for bringing all the troops home now, but for closing the military bases in Iraq. The main reason the U.S. went in there was to establish those bases, and we couldn’t do it under Saddam Hussein. He had to go before we could go in there. I always find it sadly funny that this Bush administration declares that we went in to overthrow a dictator who was imprisoning, torturing, and killing his own people, but our invasion has not only resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands (no exaggeration) of Iraqis – more than Saddam is supposed to have killed – but the US has condoned, supported and encouraged torture! We have also imprisoned Iraqis picked up off the streets of their own country, with any proof that they were terrorists. We have not shown ourselves to be any better that the regime the Iraqis had before we went in.

Well, Richardson had nothing to gain by taking such an extreme position. Most candidates, and the candy-assed Democrats in Congress are saying we can’t get out yet, and are even saying troops may have to stay in Iraq for years more! Richardson did not take the half-assed, middle-of-the-road position, but said we should get out now. Not later. Now. Get all the troops home as soon as it is possible to pull them out, load them on transports and get them back here. I believe we are not accomplishing anything there. When we leave it will be bad. It is bad now. It is not going to get any better, no matter how long we stay there, and, in fact, all signs point to things getting worse! I believe Governor Richardson is showing real leadership on this issue. He is the only statesman in the race!

We’ve got ten (10) vans leaving Albuquerque tomorrow morning for Des Moines. I will end up in Waterloo. wloo-bridge.jpg As we travel, if I can, I will provide updates here. Whenever I get to a computer in Iowa, I will post. Stay tuned!


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